Get ready for Mother´s Day: Shopper Bag WAK


Hi knitters!

 Mother’s Day is coming up – Still haven’t bought anything? Your mom will surely be way more excited if you give her something that you knitted yourself.

At WE ARE KNITTERS we provide a solution for you with this tutorial, which shows you how to make a lace bag with WAK Pima Cotton using double strand… you can make the strap with fabric that you have left over from another knitting kit.

It is very simple, *you only have to cast on 28 stitches onto one of your wooden WAK needles (we made the bag with 15 mm needles so that when knitting with the Pima cotton we get a lovely lace effect)

Knit 26 rows in Stockinette stitch and then in row 27 cast off all the stitches.*

Repeat from *to* in order to make the other part of your bag.

When you have the two parts, sew them together by the sides and the lower part to join your bag, like we show you in the photo.


With 3 strips of fabric make a braid and join it to the sides in order to make the strap. You can also use various strands of Pima cotton braided together.

 Now you have an original and handmade gift for mom! She will definitely love her new WE ARE KNITTERS shopper bag, ideal for the beach.

You can buy the needles and the Pima cotton in our web!


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