Learn how to join a wool sweater


Hi knitters!

Today we are showing you how to knit all different parts of a sweater.

To start learning, we first need our knitting sewing needle and having all parts of the sweater ready.

Now follow these steps:

1. We fuse the shoulders with back and the front side together.

We have to put the front and the back together with the right side, which means one, is in front of the other. Use your knitting sewing needle to be able to fuse both parts from the chosen sewing parts.

2. We fuse the sleeves.

Leaving one sleeve open and turning the armhole up, we need to mark the centre of the sleeve with the centre of the armhole. We’ll do the same but marking the opposite end of the sleeve with the opposite end of the armhole. This way the sleeve will stay perfect, so that we can start knitting.

3. Closet he sleeves and the opposites of the sweater.

First we need to knit the sleeves with the armholes so we can fold the sweater in the middle. We need to turn the sweater upside down and take into consideration that the stitch is flexible. For this reason, mark carefully all pieces so that they don’t move while you are knitting. Cast off the sides of the sweater and finish knitting the cuff.

Now we finally have our sweater done!

We hope to see your combinations on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

For this post we have used 8 MM BEECHWOOD NEEDLES and 100% PERUVIAN PETITE WOOL in BEIGE.

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