September is not only a very special date for us…but also the most important month. Today is WE ARE KNITTERS 3rd anniversary! First of all, we would like to thank all knitters for their big and honest support. It would not have been possible without all of you!
During the past three years, we had very different situations and unique moments: the strong dream of achieving this great project, all the effort at the beginning, nerves on edge, the first trade shows with our kits and balls, our first board that we still have at the office, the first shootings… and a lot more.



Pepita & Alberto

Bread & Butter Berlin

WAK board

First session

WAK x Kiehls

WAK x Loreak Mendiak

2011 winter collection

Knit the cotton

2012 Winter collection

Winter 2013

It was not a piece of cake but we finally made it! We had a huge development and nowadays, we are able to ship around Europe, USA and South America. The knitter’s community never stops growing! WE ARE KNITTERS started with two people and grows every day. We are around 20 people from 6 different nationalities that work together every day. We are still working for this little dream that started with a ball and a pair of needles and brings happiness every day around the world 🙂

La Incubadora

Knitting Party


Winter 2014


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