Discover our collaboration with Fashion Pills


After our collaboration with Birchbox, we want to introduce another one with Fashion Pills. We always loved the fresh and original image of this brand but now, we really had the chance to make a real collection with them. Fun and great knitting kits for the cold fall/winter. We did it! 🙂

Fashion Pills is a fashion brand that really fits with us. We share some ideas regarding how the concept of image, style and brand has to be. Our selection of designs and garments has been carefully prepared and follows the latest trends. There is no more excuse to not start knitting! 😉

WAK always works hard to show the entire world how awesome and trendy knitting can be. It’s not only a hobby for grandmas! We like to follow the latest trends and fuse the real concept of fashion and knitting together. The entire team of Fashion Pills also started to knit their first rows as you can check on this video!


Have fun knitting with WE ARE KNITTERS and Fashion Pills!

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