The Baby Wool, the softest yarn arrives at WE ARE KNITTERS


At We Are Knitters, we always try to introduce the best goodies and qualities.

We love our 100% sheep wool, but we were searching an exclusive yarn for most exigent knitters.

So, now we also have one of the best yarns in the world: ‘The Baby Wool’, 100% Baby Alpaca yarn balls. This fiber is known for its outstanding quality. The first property we love from Baby Alpaca is its softness. We can’t stop touching the yarn balls! The touch of Baby Alpaca yarn is so amazing that it’s hard to explain. You’ll never know until you have a yarn ball in your hands!

Baby Alpaca comes from Alpacas offspring, born and raised in the highlands of Peru. This yarn is very appreciated because of its softness. Baby Alpaca wool is obtained from the first shearing of alpacas, which is softest and most valued. This yarn is thinner, but it’s perfect for winter because it’s warmer and stronger than sheep wool. So, we can create light and cozy garments. That’s the reason why Baby Alpaca is becoming a ‘must’ in fashion and haute couture.

Our yarn balls are made with 100% Baby Alpaca, without acrylics.

At We Are Knitters we are introducing 8 colors, and units are limited. You only need our 5mm knitting needles… and your imagination.

Wanna knit our Baby Alpaca? You can buy our yarn balls separately or our pack with 4 yarn balls and a free pattern to knit a beanie.

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