Advantages of WAK wool


Hi knitters!

We’re going to demonstrate why the WAK wool is so awesome 😉

100% pure wool

Our WAK wool is 100% pure sheep wool, without acrylics.

100% Peruvian wool

Our wool comes from the Andes, in South America.

Happy sheep

Our sheep live in the best conditions in the Andes. And this fact influences on the wool quality

Perfect thickness

Our Chunky wool has the best thickness for beginners and advanced knitters both. Our yarn balls are made in one large piece, very appreciated by knitters. This feature is one of our best-known characteristics. We also have our WAK Petite wool, thinner but with the same quality 🙂

Trendy colors

You can choose among several trendy colors for every season on our yarns. But we don’t forget basics, like black, grey or beige.

These are some of the reasons to explain  why the WAK wool is so awesome. You can knit a  luxury, vanguardist and unique garment due to its quality, touch, color and thickness 🙂

Now you know why you have to try theWAK wool! Visit our website and choose your favorite. Start knitting your new WAK garment and check it out!


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