Knitters Series: Raquel


Raquel lives in Madrid and just loves to knit. We have interviewed We are Knitter´s chief knitter and designer for you.

Since when have you been knitting?

 When I was a child I always used to watch my grandmother knit and I was very curious to learn. It was about 5 years ago when I picked up the knitting needles again. As part of my studies at the university I did a project that included an investigation about knitting, which is when I had the chance to broaden my knowledge about it.

How did you learn to knit and who has taught you?

My grandmother, who was constantly knitting, was the person that taught me. I loved watching her and one day I just tried out it myself. Something, that obviously did not turn out well at all. One day though, I decided to really get serious about learning it and I started out with some easy scarfs. Everytime my grandmother found a mistake she used to open the whole project up and make me do it again. Later I continued learning from online blogs – with a lot of patience.

In 3 words, what defines knitting for you?

Relaxing: You forget about your problems and it really helps you come back down at the end of the day.

Fun: The best part about knitting is that you are always up for the next challenge. It´s a great feeling when you have just successfully tried out a new technique.

Satisfying: Because you can knit any garment you want.

Do you have a favorite technique?

I love the two-colored moss-stitch. It is not too hard to do and the color-mix looks just very pretty and modern. Moreover it is a very original stitch and you can combine any two colors you want.

What it your favourite WAK KIT?

My favorite kit is the Juliet Tee. It is a very pretty, light and elegant piece for summer.

Wool, Petit Wool, Cotton, Fabric Yarn or Baby Alpaca?

Definitely baby alpaca! It is so incredibly soft and the colors are just great. It´s probably every advanced knitter´s favorite material.

What´s your favorite color?

Without a doubt aquamarine! It´s simply the nicest WAK-color! I just love pastel tones. It goes with pretty much everything and for me it is a very chic color.

A piece of advice for someone who wants to start knitting?

Patience, patience and patience! Once you have finished your first garment it gets easier every time and you immediately start looking for your next challenge. And then you know you are hooked!

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