Participate in our contest #WakStitch!


Hi knitters! 

Before you all go on vacation, we want to give you good news. We are giving away $110 in WAK products! You may think that we have gone crazy, and it could be, but with our new contest you could be the lucky one that gets to take away this cool prize.

How do you participate?

It is very easy. We are looking for your originality and artistic eye when knitting. Look for the spring colors of WAK cotton, knit an original stitch, and take your best photo. Once you have the best image of your creation, share it on social media: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WakStitch. See the conditions of participation, foundations and privacy policy of the competition.


How is the winner chosen?

The WAK jury will choose the most original creation of all the photos posted to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that include the hashtag #WakStitch.

How long does it last?

The contest lasts 15 days, from today, Wednesday, April 1 until April 15.

Knitters, take advantage of this time between easter egg hunts, or while you are relaxing with family after dinner, or eating the last pieces of candy to knit this unique stitch that will leave the WAK jury stunned.


You need to share your photo on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with the hashtag #WakStitch; if not you are not eligible to win the prize of  110$ in WAK products.

Good luck and get to the needles!

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