The 11 most beautiful yarn bowls in the world


Knitters, in general, tend to accumulate a big quantity of yarn and knitting needles at home. Different colors, different weights, the rest of yarn that we will take advantage of for new projects…,

At We Are Knitters we have given you tricks and advice for saving and organizing your material, for example you can reuse your WAK bags that you get when we send your orders, or knit any of our baskets of wool and fabric yarn.

But what happens while we knit? We have yarn balls at our side bothering us, getting knotty.


Yarn bowls

Because we like order, and overall so you can knit as you like, today we are bringing you a selection of the 11 most beautiful bowls for your yarn balls. We have some for all tastes.

They leave the knitting to you, preventing your yarn balls from falling to the floor or getting dirty, all you have to do is put the yarn ball inside and pass the string through, the yarn will unroll easily with the speed at which you are knitting.

1. Fox bowl 

Fox Bowl

2. Cute Cats

Cute Cats


3. The Handmade

The Handmade

4. Maid of Clay

Maid of Clay

5. Earth Wool Fire

Earth Wool Fire

6. New Moon

New Moon

7. The Face

The Face

8. Carnivale


9. Feline Bowls

Feline Bowls

10. Le Coque

Le Coque

11. Woody Yarn Bowls

Woody Yarn Bowls

We could create an infinite list of bowls for your yarn balls, but like we said there are so many different colors and materials. We have chosen those that caught our attention.

Do you like them? Will you use them? Do you have something different?

Share your comments with us and your photos with the WAK community on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters.


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