World Wide Knit in Public Day


This week is one of those special weeks, when knitters feel content, happy, and proud.

Why is that? Because world wide knit in public day has arrived. This Saturday the 13th of June the pride of being a knitter will be celebrated on an international level.

There will be events in cities all over the world, find the closest event to you here!

After so many years dedicated to the knitting world, we have seen everything posible in terms of knitting in public, but it never stops surprising us.

We have seen:

People knitting in parks and festivals



In the car on long trips


While waiting for the bus, that never arrives on time


Even while skiing or waiting for on the plane



In the most typical sites, like the beach or a window…is it normal to knit in a window?



Or those that aren’t so typical, like a window display

window display

And even less common, like in the bathroom.


Did we say in the bathroom? Yes. In the bathroom.

Because we love to knit, wherever it will be, we never stop. Where is the weirdest place you have knit? Have you traveled with your needles?

If you are one of us, get your needles and go out to the Street to knit this Saturday. Wherever you are, share you photos with us on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

See you there!

Furthermore, because we are so excited about this day, we have lowered the prices on the entire website!

We have 15% discount on all products from today until Saturday the 13th. Enjoy!


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