5 places you will find knitters


It’s hard to put your knitting down, we know that. You always promise yourself “just one more row,” but you can never stop at just one. Whether you are on the way to work, winding down after a long day with your favorite series, or relaxing at the park, there are some places where you can be sure to find knitters.

1. Café 


We knitters always have a ball of yarn up our sleeve, or in our tote bags! So when we stop for a coffee in between errands, why not work on that beanie for a little bit? It’s just so easy to get cozy, with a little relaxing music in the background, and the smell of fresh coffee being brewed!

2. Metro


On the way to work? Heading to a friend’s house for dinner? Whatever the occasion, knitters are ready to whip out their work-in-progress and start stitching, even on the Metro. A few rows here and there, and you’ll have that scarf finished by the time you get to the office. Just don’t miss your stop!

3. In front of the television


Have you ever found yourself sitting down to watch your favorite series, with your knitting project on your lap, and all of a sudden the episode is over and you don’t even know what happened? It happens to all of us, we just want to knit a little, but get so caught up we can’t focus on the TV!

4. Bed


The best way for us knitters to start and end our days? In bed, knitting just a few rows. Well, that’s what we try to promise ourselves… and then suddenly you look at the clock and realize it’s past midnight! Ooops…

5. The Park


When the weather is nice, we can’t help but sit outside, soak up the sun, and bring our knitting with us of course! Pack a picnic, a blanket, and your yarn: the perfect weekend plan!

Where do you like to knit? Share your favorite spots on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters!

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