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Julie is the creator of the blog Julypouce where she shares her tutorials, the things she likes, her DIYs…She loves to knit and everything that has to do with yarn. We were able to talk to Julie a bit more about her passion, her advice for other knitters…

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When did you start knitting?

When I was 10 years old, I started to knit a little blanket (full of holes!) for my Barbie in garter stitch, and that’s the only project that I remember. But since 2010, I started really to have an interest in knitting. It is so motivating with everything on the Internet, with the sharing of patterns, the classes…I am so excited to knit forever.

Where did you learn to knit? Who taught you?

At the same time as my first knitting needles, I bought a knitting stitches book with basic explanations. At first I didn’t understand anything, so I took advantage of my boyfriend’s mother arriving in Paris so she could teach me how to cast on. The two of us sat down in the metro for an improvised knitting class, just before she went to catch her train! My second class was also unsolicited: I asked my mother to show me how to cast on in purl. Since we live 250 miles away from each other, my father took a video of my mother casting on stitches and sent it to me in the mail on a CD! I laugh about this today, because all you need to do is search “Knitting class” on Google to find all that we need! But these are good memories 🙂


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Describe knitting to you in 3 words.

Infinity, game, freedom.


Do you prefer to knit for yourself or for others?

 I can’t pick one or the other! I knit everything I am excited about in the moment…many times at home someone says “I want this” and they return home with a finished product! One of the garments I knit for myself is the Classic Sweater from WAK! I’m not kidding you!


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 Your favorite stitch?

I love all the lace stitches! First because it is beautiful and second because it doesn’t get boring when you are knitting it. You always have to follow along and can’t forget to make a loop or knot….it really makes you pay attention!

But, if I am watching a movie at the same time, I prefer garter stitch or reverse stockinette!

What is your preferred kit from We Are Knitters?

Hmm, it is very difficult to choose! I would say the Juliet Tee because I love the lace part of this shirt. And for the winter I would vote for the Classic Sweater that I knit and love!

 The wool, petite wool, cotton, fabric yarn, or baby alpaca?

The Wool in Natural! It’s a little like you’re sleeping on a sheep…I would imagine!

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 What is your favorite time to knit? Your favorite place to knit?

The best time is when I have time! I knit on the Metro, the train…I knit when my son is bathing, sitting in the bathroom! I knit on my sofa with a movie at night or outside on my bench!

Any advice for someone starting to knit?

Start with a small project, because if not you won’t finish it, and use big needles. I think that a hat is perfect to start, but of course, you have to choose a model that you are excited about and you like!

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