Knitting the NYC Marathon


Running a marathon is a big deal. It takes months of training, endurance, and a great pair of sneakers. Running a marathon while knitting? Now that’s another story. Here at We Are Knitters we are always thinking outside of the box and so when we heard that someone had run a marathon while knitting, we had to get in on the fun.

Marathon 4

How does it work?

On November 1, one of our marketing interns Meredith will be running and knitting the NYC marathon. That is 26.2 miles (42 kilometers), yarn in hand. Due to race regulations, she will be leaving the wooden needles at home and finger knitting alongside the more than 50,000 runners participating this year.

Marathon 2


Meredith will be running with Team in Training, which supports and raises awareness for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and since 1988 has supported LLS with over $1 billion in blood cancer research. The team at We Are Knitters is so excited to be sponsoring Meredith and the entire Team in Training in working towards their goal of raising money for blood cancer research.

Marathon 3

To help us reach our goal, we need help from you, our knitting community! Every donation makes a difference, and will get us one step closer to a world free of blood cancers! You can find Meredith’s fundraising page here

Meredith will be updating us on her progress weekly, so check the blog next week to see how the knitting and running is going!

Marathon 1

WAK is ready to make a difference, are you in?

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