NYC Marathon Diary : Week two


Now that I have been training for knitting a marathon for a few weeks, I have noticed a few things that happen when you are running and finger knitting at the same timeAnd I want to tell you on my NYC Marathon Diary.  It is all true, I swear. 🙂

This week, I ran my longest distance yet: a half marathon! (13.1 miles)

I can confirm that all five of these things happened while I was running this week.

1. People stare at you

stare at you gif

You really can’t blame them. I am knitting and running, after all.

2. You drop the yarn.

Kangaroo lost ball gif

Sometimes the yarn ball just slips out from under my arm and I can’t help it!

3. You get really sweaty.

sweaty gif

Like I have said before: when it’s summer and you are running with wool, you are bound to get pretty hot out there.

4. You get yarn EVERYWHERE.

giphy gif

Seriously. I have been finding yarn on my clothing, my arms…I can’t escape it!

5. You feel so proud of yourself when you finish a run.

flipbeyonce gif

Not only did you run those miles, but you knit them too, and that’s pretty impressive.


Every week I am one step closer to the marathon, and WAK is one step closer to reaching our goal for fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! You can help by donating here

See you next week!


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