NYC Marathon Diary : Week seven


Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share in my NYC Marathon Diary that this week I ran my longest run ever, 18 miles (about 29 kilometers)!

NYC Marathon Diary


The weather is finally getting colder, so I actually was glad to have some wool with me to keep me warm. I ran alongside the river, and it got pretty windy, so windy that my bright turquoise yarn started blowing around, drawing more attention to myself (as if I needed any more people staring)!

I thought this run would take me a little over three hours, but I actually surprised myself and ran it in under 3 hours, a personal best for me J It started to rain RIGHT when I was finishing my run, so I luckily just missed a downpour. Running with soggy wool is not my idea of a good time! Let’s just hope it doesn’t run the day of the marathon…

My legs are pretty tired after these long runs, but I know that my body is just getting ready for the big day, it is just around the corner!

See you next week!

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