The Best Handmade Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with a long weekend ahead we bring you the best selection of original gifts for Valentine’s Day.

And to make it better, they are all made by hand. Could you even ask for more?

You’re going to get looooooots of love this February 14th ❤

Heart Skipped a Stitch Blanket

Our blanket with stitched heart motifs is designed to warm couples that curl up underneath it for a great movie on the sofa.


The kit includes 5 yarn balls made from 100% Peruvian Wool, a pair of wooden knitting needles, the pattern, a little sewing needles, and WAK packaging.

This is an intermediate project, so if you’ve already knitted before, you’ll be able to knit this little blanket in a few relaxed afternoons.

Happy Cushion

And suddenly, a new gift appears! Made by hand with the best and softest materials – 100% Peruvian Wool and a pair of wooden knitting needles the Happy Cushion is both iconic and cozy.

This gift definitely has your name on it, because once you have finished it, it is sure to bring love to everyone who cuddles it this Valentine’s Day. But don’t blame us if it causes you to be eaten with kisses 😉


If you’re almost in tears because you wanted to do handmade gifts this year, then this Heart Cushion kit is for you.

It’s also super easy to knit – no matter if you have knitted before or if it’s your first time with the needles, it will only take you a few hours.

A little advice: Skip the norm and try using wool of different colors.


These are our most romantic and loving kits. But if you were thinking about something different, you can check out the rest of our blankets, because cuddling is always a good plan 😉

Or any of our knitting kits, because the things you make by hand with love are always worth more ?

And you know what’s the best? The possibility of sharing the experience of making something as a couple. Awe! Our hearts are bursting with love!

san-valentin (2)

For our second part, we give you 3 Free Patterns, that without a doubt are also a great option because they are fun, fast to knit, and save you tons of money.

Free Pattern: Crochet Hearts

A precious, handmade, and crocheted surprise for this Valentine’s day! They’re so fun and easy to make that soon your entire neighborhood will have them 🙂


Free Pattern: Valentine Hearts

This heart is knit in Garter Stitch and is perfect for you and also for giving to that special someone ?


Free Pattern: 3-D Knitted Heart

As you can see, the possibilities for this heart are almost endless 😉

In this free pattern, we will teach you, step-by-step how to knit 3-D hearts and some ideas about what you can do with them. Some ideas include a keychain, a brooch and a pretty garland to spread the v-day love throughout your home.


You definitely won’t run out of ideas for this Valentine’s Day with hearts everywhere full of love.  

What do you think? Have you already knitted one? What did you make? Do you have other ideas you want to share with us?

Leave your comments here and share your photos using the hashtag #WeAreKnitters and Long Live Love! ?

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