Create a Cocooning Environment for your home


Today we’re going to talk about our decoration inspirations and also give you the best tips on how to create a soft and warm cocooning environment in your home thanks to knitting. Tons of ideas for your interior decorating and your next WAK projects can be found below!


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There’s nothing like wool to create a cozy atmosphere, so let’s put a little bit everywhere! We’re going to throw blankets over beds and couches, lots of cushions in various sizes, we’re going to warm up the room with a pretty rug, we’re going to knit some placemats and add a personal touch to an antique piece  by adorning  it with wool.

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Don’t be afraid to mix different materials. Combine your woolen projects with wood and leather to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Wool also goes really well with other textiles such as linen or cotton fabric.

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Play around with overlaying mismatched knitwear, of different shapes and textures. Mix up different textures in the same shades y opt for more distinct and soft patterns. Cables, for example, provide traditional style and an authentic and really comfortable look.


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Opt for neutral colors, in cameo shades: white, sand, beige, gray and some slightly darker colors for a velvety atmosphere in Scandinavian style. If you prefer other shades, make sure to choose dark colors that combine well with the dominant materials in the room you want to decorate.


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Place a folded blanket on a stool or dresser. Not only is it functional, but it adds warmth and softness to a room.

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Put your knitted project on a hanger and hang it on the door, a mirror or a coat rack. It’s a simple, decorative idea and an original way of showing off your work!

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