Knitters Series: All About Ami


Stephanie, lover of crochet, amigurumi and style. Wife and Mama of 2 sweet girls.

You can see her work on Instagram and follow her tips and advice in her blog, All About Ami.

We met up with her to get to know her a bit more.  Want to know what she said?


When did you start crocheting?

I started crocheting when I was ten years old!  I was a very crafty child who enjoyed doing macramé, knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, and making friendship bracelets!

Where did you learn to crochet? Who taught you?

I learned how to crochet through books at home.  Once I learned how to read patterns, I tried making my own blankets, scarves, stuffed animals, and clothes for my teddy bears!

 All about amy

Describe crocheting to you in 3 words.

Creative, inspiring, therapeutic

Do you prefer to crochet for yourself or for others?

That’s a hard question!  I enjoy crocheting practical ítems for myself since I live in Alberta, Canada where the winters get quite cold, so I am always designing scarves, sweaters, and hats for myself.  I enjoy creating these patterns based on my own personal style and aesthetic and sharing these patterns with my blog readers!

At the same time, I also love crocheting gifts for others as they are so special since they can’t be bought in stores.  Now as a mother of two children, I love making ítems for my two girls!

 All about amy

Your favorite stitch?

I love puff stitches as they give such a beautiful texture.  I also love crocheting in the third loop of half double crochets as it gives an almost knitted look!  It’s known as the “camel stitch”!

What is your preferred kit from We Are Knitters?

I love my “Cucho Scarf” kit from We Are Knitters.  The moss stitch gives such a gorgeous texture and is a great way for me to practice knitting and purling since I am relearning how to knit!

I love the length of the scarf as it is so luxurious and it drapes beautifully!

 All about amy

The wool, petite wool, cotton, fabric yarn, or baby alpaca?

I love “The Wool” with its soft, chunky feel and gorgeous array of colours available!

Any advice for someone starting to crochet?

Be patient and keep practicing!  Try learning from books, online tutorials, YouTube videos, or from a friend who knows how to crochet and see what works best for you!

It takes a while to get the hang of how to hold the yarn and hook, how to locate stitches, and to achieve a consistent tension!

Once you learn how to do some basic stitches, you can create many projects, from cowls and blankets, to amigurumi, the Japanese art of knitted/crocheted stuffed animals.

Once you learn how to read crochet patterns, the sky’s the limit on what you can make!

 All about amy

  1. Love this mini interview! I learned crochet first, before knitting, and it will always be my first craft love! The scarf is so perfectly cozy!

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