4 workspaces for knitters


The place where we knit is very important to knitters; it’s not just where we work, but also a space where we think and where we find inspiration for new garments and patterns, and most certainly where we spend most of our day.

That’s why it’s very important that it’s designed to your liking and makes you feel comfortable.

Today we bring you some of our favorite ideas about how to decorate and personalize your knitting workspace.

Not all knitters are the same, so that’s why we think our work spaces should be personal and unique.

Apache Knitter

work spaces for knitters

Foto: Homedit.com

An Apache Knitter is one that feels like Sitting Bull in his teepee when sitting down to knit. You’ll always find decorative items with texture, whether it’s a rug or a Needle Point cushion.

This type of knitter loves to look out the window and warm herself with sunlight, which is why she’ll always have a large window in front of her desk.

Wicker baskets for storing balls of wool in earthy colors will fit in well in this style of workspace.

Designer Knitter

work spaces for knitters

Foto: Bloglovin.com

Designer Knitters are those who prefer to keep their all of their ideas collected, so you’ll always find a mood board where they can pin their inspirations and organize their thoughts.

They’re passionate about materials like cork, and white prevails in their color scheme. A cactus, an analog camera, and a wooden desk to sketch their projects are all they need for a successful day of knitting or designing.

Design Knitters favorite kit to rest their backs on is the Oh La La Pillow.

Veggie Knitter

work spaces for knitters

Foto: Hogarmania.com

For Veggie Knitters, and by veggie we mean those that love the color green, their work spaces are always filled with plants and exude a feeling of love for nature.

Good lighting is very important to them, so you’ll find lights and reading lamps everywhere. They love big, white desks and will have tons of recycled little boxes to store their needles and wool.

This type of knitter loves to decorate their flower pots, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Veggie Knitter, you can’t go wrong with a Plank Pot Covers kit.

Ethereal Knitter

work spaces for knitters

Foto: Brit.co

And here you have the most common type of knitter, the Ethereal Knitter. They love pastel colors like the Petite Wool yarn balls, especially salmon, turquoise, and white.

Their desks are always immaculate and organized. They keep their materials in labeled compartments and always have a sewing machine handy.

Their walls are covered with pretty illustrations, “She and Him” vinyls, and very likely a wall hanging made from multicolored yarns.

What do Naïve knitters like best? To cuddle up with their Samasana Blanket on a cold afternoon.

Is one of these profiles yours? Do you have your own? Tell us about your work space and share your photos with us and the whole WAK Community with #weareknitters 🙂

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