Knitter Series: Virginie Nunes


Virginie Nunes is a young crochet and fabric yarn enthusiast. She lives in Capbreto, where she is a mommy and a designer.

You can see her work and follow her tips and advice on her Instagram

We met up with her to get to know her a bit more.  Want to know what she said?


How long have you been knitting?

I learned the basics of knitting when I was little. I remember a scarf I made in moss stitch, with lots of holes in it, I have to admit….

Then I put it aside, until I started knitting for real about two years ago, during my pregnancy.

How did you learn to knit? Who taught you?

My mother and grandmother knit a lot and they taught me the basics and the basic stitches.

When I started knitting again on my own, about two years ago, I watched a lot of video tutorials online. That’s how I started little by little learning more and more.


In three words, what does knitting mean to you?

ESCAPE – when you knit you don’t think about anything else, it’s like a relaxation technique, like yoga.

HAPPINESS – when you start to see how your stitch turns out or your garment take shape, it’s true pleasure.

SATISFACTION – it’s always a reason to feel proud when you make your own garment.

Do you prefer to knit for yourself or for others?

I like to do both. I make a lot of things for myself. I’ve always liked handicrafts and as a stylist, I’m always creating new things and experimenting.

I also like to make things for others because you apply yourself as if it were for yourself, and it’s nice to see how happy people are with your garments.


Which is your favorite stitch?

Seed stitch is really pretty and stockinette is always super elegant.

Which is your favorite We Are Knitters kit?

Can’t live without the Downtown Snood and the Sienna Beanie.

The elegant NYC Collar is reserved for special occasions.


Wool, petite wool, pima cotton, fabric yarn, merino or baby alpaca?

The Wool, fabric yarn, I’m a huge fan 😉 and the pima cotton, which I chose for my last kit, it is very light to knit with.

At what time of day do you knit?

At lunch time, on the terrace, under the sun when it’s nice out…and at night on the couch with a little music.


Some advice for someone who wants to start knitting:

It’s best to start with large knitting needles and chunky wool, it’s easier and you get quick results, which helps with motivation.

Don’t be afraid to frog your garment and knit it again and again until it comes out perfectly! You have to be patient and persevere!

  1. Lovely photo of Baby’s Feet and knitting needles…The piece of work looks like it must be fun to make,,,Please send instructions.

  2. Please send instructions for that (Loopy0 piece of work in the photo with the baby’s feet and the knitting needles.

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