5 cool ideas to use up leftover yarn


Recycling culture is becoming more and more essential (and trendy!) every day. And that makes us happy since, as you know, our products are 100% natural and renewable, and we are very concerned with protecting the environment.

That’s why in today’s post we give you some cool ideas to use up scraps of leftover yarn from our projects.

You don’t have to feel guilty anymore about leaving a mini ball of yarn forgotten in a drawer forever. Besides, your house will be decorated in pure DIY style.

A small wall hanging

leftover yarn

This wall hanging is really easy to make and the result is beautiful. You’ll just need a pretty hanger, or for a more rustic look you can use a wooden stick, which looks nice too.

Combine different colors, cut yarn in different lengths, and hang it anywhere in your house. Isn’t it adorable?

Fun and colorful hangers

leftover yarn

If you thought you’d seen everything in the recycled world, this idea will blow you away. It’s one of the most original ideas we’ve seen, and practical too.

Wrapping hangers with leftover yarn can be a fun activity to do with the little ones of the house. And with these cute hangers they are sure to keep their closets more organized. You can organize clothes by color or give your closet a fun and colorful air.

A little hint: If you usually use metal hangers this idea will protect your clothing better. 😉

Multicolored pompom wall hanging

leftover yarn

Pompoms are great, everybody loves them, and we already explained the best way to make wool pompoms.

They’re our number one problem solver when it comes to leftover yarn, plus there are tons of ways to use them.

This time we bring you a decorative way to use pompoms, a multi-colored frame filled with pompoms will give a fun feel to our room.

You can also use it to decorate for parties!!

DIY Designer lamps

leftover yarn

If you have a knack for crafts and want to exploit your creative side you can indulge both by making a designer lamp like this one.

It’s simple and minimalist, but the result is incredible. “Less is more”.

You can use this technique for lamps, bottles, vases, mugs….any decorative item in your home is friend to leftover yarn. 🙂

A different Granny Square

leftover yarn

Granny Squares are “in” and we keep seeing them more and more in knitting and DIY blogs and magazines.

We already explained in an earlier post how easy it is to.

They’ve traditionally been used to make blankets by joining the squares, but now we can find them used for many decorative items and even in the latest fashion collections.

If we put a twist on tradition and try something different we get something like this cute kitty.

What about you, how do you use your leftover wool or cotton? Will you try one of these cool ideas?

Upload your photos to Instagram using the hashtag #WeAreKnitters and you could win $70 in WAK products each month 🙂

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