Exclusive: Here comes the Meriwool


Discover the new Meriwool in 10 different colors to knit your favorite projects. Do you want to know more?

¿What is Meriwool?


An old story tells how the Merino sheep came to Spain with an Arab tribe called “benimerines” (coming from Morocco) that invaded the spanish province  Cádiz in the XIV century.

Merino wool extended rapidly across the south of Spain and the manchegan plains, to the great disadvantage of the indigenous Spanish sheep, called manchegan sheep, until it finally arrived in Portugal.

For centuries the Merino sheep were localized only in Spain from where their wool was exported to basically everywhere in Europe. It was considered a grave crime to keep that particular race of sheep anywhere outside of Spain.

On the other hand, it was also during that time that the Bourbon king Felipe V started to give pairs of that precious race to the king of France and that is the exclusiveness of the “Spanish wool” was lost.

 Merino Superwash wool

Slowly they began to spread over Europe and America and in the XIX century, Great Britain started to export the wool to a number of its overseas colonies.

Nowadays the majority of Merino sheep can be found in the United States, Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand and most of all, Australia, where the Merino sheep outnumber the humans.

Characteristics of Meriwool

One of the main characteristics which makes Merino wool so special is its smoothness.

Even though it is so incredibly fine it is one of the warmest and most comfortable types of wool that exist and it is perfect for autumn or winter clothes.

Merino wool is ideal for 5mm needles, exactly as the Pima cotton.


And the best news: Superwash

What does that mean? Well, it means that now finally you will be able to wash your clothes in the washing machine. Yes, you have read it right, you can put them into the washing machine.

You should, however, always use a careful program and a neutral soap.

We recommend you to dry the clothes laid flat out as your other clothes that are made of wool because otherwise you risk that they become deformed.

Ready to try it out? Discover all the available colors on our website.

And don’t go too far away because very soon a new collection is going to come out, designed only for you and using only Merino Superwash wool  🙂

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