Knitter Series: Tricotriu


When did you start knitting? In 2012 I saw Pepita on a TV show knitting a wool hat with WAK Wool in the color honey and I was fascinated. When I was little I tried to learn from my grandmother but it was when I saw that TV show that I was completely hooked.





How did you learn to knit? Who taught you? After I saw how easy it was to knit a hat I went to my grandmother’s house and I picked up the fattest needles she had and a ball of yarn. I started watching video tutorials from We Are Knitters and if I had any doubts I would ask my mother or grandmothers, that’s how I knit my first cowl. In November 2012 I bought my first knitting kits from We Are Knitters and since then I have improved until I was able to knit advanced level kits, a big challenge for me!

In 3 words how would you describe what knitting means to you?

Disconnection: when knitting I clear my mind and think only about what I’m doing.

Creativity: the more you knit the more ideas come to you and the more you want to try new materials and new stitches to create beautiful things.

Growth: you start knitting something simple and little by little you feel the need to advance, to move to the next level. That evolution is very rewarding.





Do you prefer knitting for yourself or for others? It depends upon the type of project. If someone asks me to knit them a cowl or a scarf I am happy to make it for them, but if it’s a sweater I usually only make them for myself.

Which is your favorite stitch? I love how criss-cross stitch looks, but my favorite stitches are seed stitch and moss stitch because they are so pretty and easy to knit.




Which is your favorite We Are Knitters kit? That’s hard to answer….maybe the Crazy Snood kit because it’s the one I’ve knitted most, and the Napa Cardigan because It’s a cardigan that I love to wear.

The Wool, Petite Wool, Pima Cotton, Fabric yarn, or Baby Wool? Hard to choose… although it mainly depends upon what I am going to knit. I enjoy knitting with The Petite Wool, it has a large variety of colors to choose from and I love knitting scarves, sweaters, cowls with it… it’s very versatile.




When is you favorite time of day to knit? I don’t have a favorite time, I usually knit in the morning on the train on the way to work and in the afternoon on the way home, I also like to knit a few rows before bed. I certainly knit whenever I can; I even take my knitting when I have dinner at my friends’ houses.

Any advice for new knitters? Patience, patience, and don’t give up until you get it. That’s when it starts to flow and being able to knit your own garments is as incredible experience.





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