2016 in We Are Knitters


2016 is almost over!


It’s been a great year for all, and although it’s sad to say goodbye, we have to let it go to welcome 2017, which is going to be even better. None of this would have been possible without all of you, and so the whole We Are Knitters team would like to thank you for your trust and loyalty. We are very proud to be knitters, proud of you and of what we do. We promise to keep working just as hard to keep outdoing ourselves every day.


In 2016 we had some great launches, like Meriwool, our most special and spoiled fiber. And of course, in such unique colors as sprinkle, either in fantasy form, pink or blue and we used all of them to create the most exclusive kits, sweaters, beanies, cardigans and snoods, all for adult and children sizes.



But that’s not all! We also launched new colors in The Wool, Petite Wool and Baby Alpaca, the most popular being, ivory, dark salmon, mint and so many other great colors. These colors, of course, can be used to make our new kits that we created for our signature yarn.



Another great launch that dazzled us all at first sight was the petit point collection of Mexican motifs, an immediate success. These kits were a hit decorating knitters’ homes all over the world.



But not everything is for the cold! We also showed the world some very summery creations. Our cotton bikinis were very trendy this wonderful summer 2016.



Did you think that was it? Not so fast.


This year was full of collaborations. We worked very hard on all of them so that you receive the very best.


Special collaborations such as the one with Merci, the famous Parisian concept store, to please the most discerning tastes. Undoubtedly a great joint project that was celebrated by all.



We can’t forget about our most charitable collaboration, a specially designed kit to help those in need. Together with Save the Children we brought you the Kiddo Snood. 100 % of the profits from this kit were donated to this wonderful organization that look after the well being of children.



We presented you with luxury and exclusive yarn along side Printemps with kits designed especially for the occasion. Beautiful packaging, the perfect wool and knitting. A perfect combination.



Let’s not forget Miss Hamptons, glasses and wool. Perfect complements for a relaxing knitting session with close friends.



There’s still more!


How could we forget our Knitting Parties?


At our Knitting Parties we shared great moments, in direct contact with knitters from all around the world. Not only did we learn how to knit, we learned from you, our special knitters. You taught us how to improve, we listened to what you proposed, and that’s not going to stop. We’ll keep getting better!



More than 90 Knitting Parties in countries like France, Germany, Spain, the United States, Great Britain, more than 1000 participants enjoyed learning how to knit, sharing experiences, tips, memories, and happiness.


For all of this, for you, and for what will come, thank you. Thank you. Thank you and thank you. Without you none of this would be possible.


The whole WAK team wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year.


See you in 2017!


Happy knitting!



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