Customize your beanie to make it unique


You probably have lots of hand knitted beanies and they’re all special and unique, but what if you take it one step further to give it your personal touch? If patches and brooches aren’t your thing, get your craft materials ready because we have what you need.

This beanie customized with rhinestones will give you a unique touch for all your looks; you’ll be the center of attention!

You will need:

– Beanie knitted by you (we used the Santiago Beanie as an example)

– Felt or fabric in a color similar to the color of your beanie

– Rhinestones in your favorite colors, in different sizes and shapes

– Fabric glue

– Needle and thread

– Scissors

Cut a piece of felt or fabric bigger than the size of the design you want to make, it should be a little bigger so you can trim it when you are done.
Lay out the rhinestones in whatever way you like. Play around and experiment! This is the fun part, surprise yourself with different designs.


Make sure that the design is big enough for the beanie you will put it on. Keep changing up the placing of the rhinestones until you’re sure you’re happy with the design.

When you’re done, try it out on the beanie. That’s the best way to see how it will look 🙂

Using the fabric glue, glue each rhinestone in its place, being careful not to alter the original design while doing it.

If you have sew on rhinestones, sew them to the felt or fabric base. If you used glue on rhinestones, make sure the glue dries completely to be sure they are well adhered.

Repeat the above step for each rhinestone until you have adhered all of them. Now you can see what the finished project looks like!

Very carefully trim the edges of the felt or fabric base, leaving a small border.


Now you have the decorated patch ready and you can glue it to your beanie to make it even more special.

Turn the felt or fabric patch over and spread glue on the back, making sure to cover it completely. Spread an even layer, but don’t use too much (but it’s important to make sure the entire surface is covered).


Last, but not least, place the patch on your beanie. Press down firmly with your fingers and place a heavy object on top until the glue is completely dry.


Put on your customized beanie and face the cold with your best face forward!

Adding rhinestones to your beanie is lots of fun, a perfect activity to meet up with your knitter friends and customize your beanies together over coffee. Sounds like a plan!

Of course you can choose any of our beanie knitting kits to make your favorite winter accessory; they’ll all look great when you add your personal touch.

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