“Yarnbombing”, or how to make something ordinary into something special


It’s common knowledge that more and more people are joining the “knitter” community. And it’s becoming more popular to knit your own scarves or make your winter hat with your own hands. But there is a group of people that take it to the next level and have discovered a way to express themselves to others through their knitting or crocheting.


“Yarn bombing” is the way to convert something ordinary into something more special. It’s a type of urban art that uses knitted or crocheted pieces to decorate or take over public spaces. It seems to stem from the idea of finding a use for unfinished projects (yes, we all have some of those).


Agata Oleksiak


This art form can be enjoyed by all audiences, it’s fun to find, observe, and enjoy. But it’s not just about the finished result, the “yarn bombing” process itself is one of the most important parts. Design the piece, knit it, go out and find a space to exhibit it, and then see it in situ is something to enjoy oneself. In the end you feel like a graffiti artist that is changing something in their environment, but with the advantage of being able to move or remove your creation very easily.


Lorna and Jill Watt

It’s an activity that can be done alone or in groups. In many cities yarn bombing events are created and different knitting groups join together to decorate a space to make them even more beautiful.


Lorna and Jill Watt


From scarves and hats knitted for statues, to multicolored streetlights, to park benches upholstered in wools of a thousand colors, and even to cobblestones, “yarn bombing” has no limits.


Lorna and Jill Watt

Who knows? Maybe tomorrow you’ll be walking through your town and find one of these creations or maybe you’ll be inspired and become a crochet graffiti artist.


Lorna and Jill Watt



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