What benefits does knitting have on your health?


Knitting is in! Just ask celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe or Krysten Ritter, who are proud to show off their knitting skills.



Besides making original and unique designs like those we offer in our knitting kits  you can improve your health thanks to the benefits that this hobby offers.


It has been proven that knitting is relaxing, helps us to concentrate, and develops our imagination. Whether you are following a pattern or creating your own, your brain is working, thinking about the best way to go about it, you must consider the type of yarn to use, wool, cotton, baby alpaca?, how to start your design, etc.



Knitting has also been shown to lower your heart rate, it seems that concentrating on our needles and yarn has a calming effect. It may seem to be an automatic, mechanic action, but we can assure you that even the most experienced knitter has to think about how best to execute their project.


This activity can also raise your self esteem, there’s nothing like seeing a job well done with our own hands.




So, there you have it, you’ll improve your motor skills, chase stress away, and fill your wardrobe with beautiful woolens, handmade by you! Start with easy designs and challenge yourself by making new more complex garments.


If our grandmothers evaded the world by knitting, why can’t we do the same? Get on board with #weareknitters! Watch your life, and closet, reap the benefits.


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