How to carry yarn up when you crochet stripes



Learning new techniques is very important for creating impeccable projects. The more techniques you master, the better your work will look. In this post, we’ll learn a nearly invisible way to carry our yarn along the sides when we crochet stripes.


To make the sample, we’ve used three colors of Pima Cotton and a 5 mm crochet hook.

(foto 2)

On the last stitch of row 1, change to the second color and on the last stitch of row 2, change to the third color. You can find more details on how to change colors in crochet in the post on our blog, titled “How to make color changes in crochet”.


It’s important to leave the strand of the previous color between the turning chain and the first stitch to hide it.


At the end of row 3, bring up the strand of the first color that you dropped after finishing the first row.

To do this, pass the strand of the color that you’re about to use over the strand you’re using to make the last stitch, then move on to work that last stitch.

(foto6 )

Continue working the stitch into the turning chain as you normally would.


In the second part of the stitch, use the strand of the new color to end the stitch with the color you will use in the next row.


Again, make sure that the strand of the previous color is between the turning chain and the first stitch of the new row.

Finally, here’s a video with all the steps so you can clearly see how easy it is to carry the yarn.

Use this new technique in your projects and become a crochet expert. Tell us about it on social media with the hashtag #WeAreKnitters.

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