Snowflake Garland


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Today we bring you one of those quick projects that you can make on a winter afternoon and will help you use up all those bits of leftover yarn from projects made all year long. We will make a garland of snowflakes that you can use to adorn your hobby roomand as an essential part of your wintery decorations.

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For this step-by-step tutorial we used: a skein of our Pima cotton, a size 8 (5 mm) crochet hook, a tapestry needle to finish each snowflake, and some scissors.

Before beginning let’s do a quick review of the stitches you will need to know:

Let’s get started!

PART 1: Snowflakes

First thing we will do is make all of the snowflakes. We will show you how below.

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To start you have to make a magic ring.

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Round 1: Once you finish making the magic ring: chain 2 for the turning chain, and then work 11 double crochets.

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Pull the end of the magic ring to close it completely, and finish with a slip stitch to join the last double crochet and the 2 chains of the turning chain that we made at the beginning. The body of the snowflake is done.

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Round 2: now we will make the points of the snowflake. Start by chaining 6.

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Insert the hook into the second chain from your hook and make a slip stitch. This will create the point at the end of the snowflake.

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Make 3 more chains.

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Insert your hook into the second double crochet of the first round and join with a slip stitch.

Now the first point is complete.

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Repeat the above steps to make the rest of the points.

These are the stitches where you have to insert the hook into the body of the snowflake to join the points:

  • For the first, as you just saw, we inserted the hook into the second double crochet of the first round.
  • For the second: we will insert it into the fourth double crochet.
  • For the third: we will insert it into the sixth double crochet.
  • For the fourth: into the eighth double crochet.
  • For the fifth: into the tenth double crochet.
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Finally, for the sixth point, insert the hook into the turning chain that we made at the beginning of the snowflake. We’ll make the slip stitch and finish crocheting the first snowflake.

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Now we have to weave in the ends on the back.

First snowflake is done!

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Follow the steps above to make as many snowflakes as you need.

PART 2: Join the snowflakes

Now you have to join all of the snowflakes you made to finish your garland.

We made a short video so you can see how to do it:

Just make a chain (like you saw in the video). The separation between each snowflake is up to you. We worked 20 chain stitches between each snowflake. To work the join: insert the hook into the tip of a snowflake, make a slip stitch, and that’s it! It’s joined to the chain. Repeat this step for each one.

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Your garland is finished! We hope you liked this tutorial and we can’t wait to see yours on social media using the hashtag #weareknitters

 See you soon!

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