Knitters Series: Claudia


How did you start knitting?

I learned how to knit at school and rediscovered my passion for it some years ago. Since I found WAK last year at the Bread & Butter fashion tradeshow in Berlin I‘m addicted!

What’s your favorite technique?

Always the one I’m knitting for the first time. I like challenges and it’s great to vary the patterns and invent your very own styles. WE ARE KNITTERS and me have something going on between us, hopefully everybody will love it once they see it!

What’s your favorite WE ARE KNITTERS’ kit?

Since I finished my first SIENNA BEANIE I’m sure about it: I’m never completely dressed without wearing mine! Beanies and the SOHO’S SNOOD are my daily favorites. I’m a huge fan of the NYC COLLAR – very special stitch – and the MANHATTAN CAPE too. In Spring I´ll go for cotton!

Favorite city.

There are a lot of fascinating trip destinations, but just a few cities I’d choose for living: Vienna is great. My second choice would definitely be Berlin. Due to a research project I once had the chance to stay there for a while and since then I always return at least twice a year. For me Berlin is the capital of coolness!

Favorite song.

It depends on the situation, but my favorite styles are pop and jazz. What I really like is buying LPs on flea markets, sometimes even picking an album only by its cover: discoveries guaranteed!

Best concert ever attended.

Brooklyn Bridge Festival last Spring. My boyfriend and I lived in a nearby apartment and couldn`t but run into it: people were sitting in the grass or dancing while Booker T. Jones and Rich Medina performed on stage –and Manhattan’s skyline twinkled in the background.

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, famous or not, who would you choose?

Suhrkamp publisher Siegfried Unseld. After having dinner Thomas Bernhard, Peter Handke or Uwe Johnson might join us.

5 things you always carry in your bag

My phone, some money, my keys, a pencil and the book I’m actually reading at the moment. If I’m abroad: a city map!

(Claudia is wearing a grey and an olive SIENNA BEANIE and a natural NYC COLLAR)

More KNITTERS SERIES coming soon…



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