Tips for washing your WE ARE KNITTERS wool and cotton clothes


Hi knitters!

Today we will share some tips with you for washing your WE ARE KNITTERS wool and cotton clothes. In case you didn’t see them, there are some washing instructions on every yarn ball tag.

Below we explain the meaning of each symbol:

Hand-wash only:

All WE ARE KNITTERS clothes should be hand-washed using cold water and mild/pH neutral soap.

This type of soap can be found almost anywhere and is often labeled as appropriate for woolens. It is very important to use this type of soap because your final knitting project is very delicate and harsh detergents can ruin the fibers. Mild soap also contains elements that help to obtain better results from your wash.

 Do not use bleach:

Never use bleach on your We Are Knitters clothes. It is a very aggressive product that can cause major damage to your garment forever. Our special colors would never be the same.

Do not twist or wring:

When hand-washing your wool or cotton garment, it will probably absorb a big quantity of water. Most of us would think that by wringing it out we can speed up the drying process.

Instead,  you should wrap your piece of clothing in a towel to absorb most of the excess moisture – taking special care not to twist your knitted piece. If you do choose to twist or wring your garment, you are running the risk of permanently deforming it from it’s original shape

Dry flat in the shade: 

After ensuring that the majority of the liquid has been absorbed out of your garment, lay it flat in the shade so that neither the colors nor the shape are damaged.

Do not use a dryer:

Dryers are normally very useful, but they are the biggest enemies of your knitted piece! Dryers use hot air to dry your clothes – which is great for synthetic fabrics that can handle high temperatures, but not so much for your favorite woolens that can be ruined at high heats. If you do put your wool items in the dryer, they will shrink and possibly begin to disintegrate! Love your wool and keep it out of the dryer 😉

 Iron your garment using a low temperature:

Wool and cotton clothes can be ironed, though you should place a cloth in between the iron and your garment. If you absolutely must iron your knitting projects, we recommend using a spray or steam.


The WAK Woolcare Team 😉

Have any more questions about how to take care of your favorite WAK wool? Or do you have a favorite tip for ensuring that your wool is both clean and preserved? Leave us a comment here or send an email to [email protected]. Happy knitting!

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