Discover ‘Winter Blossom’, the new WAK collection by Morgane


Today, we launch a new collection. But this is a very special one. For the first time, WE ARE KNITTERS partners with a fashion designer. The chosen one is the French Morgane Mathieu. We’re so excited! The result is absolutely stunning.

Morgane Mathieu is a fashion designer based in Paris. She has worked for Chanel, Alexandre Vauthier y Romain Villiers-Moriame and, she is currently launching her own brand. And the most important thing, she’s a passionate knitter!

Helleborus Sweater by Morgane

The ‘Winter Blossom’ collection designed by Morgane Mathieu is something new and original. She respects WAK features, but she has imprinted her own style in both garments and images both. This collection is inspired in the blossom winter flowers blossom, like her collection, those flowers appear in the middle of the winter. So, we try to make knitters forget about winter’s cold and darkness from winter with these cool and colorful garments knitted with love.



We really love it, and we’re sure you will too. We knew this would be a new beginning for WAK, and we will be pleased to renew this collaboration. Enjoy your winter!

Morgane designed and knitted the entire collection with our big & chunky wool yarns. We want to thank Maxime Vm who photographed the collection and to the French actress Nadja Settel who modelled for him and Morgane.

 To know more about Morgane Mathieu, check out her blog ( and website (

Winter Blossom by Morgane Mathieu

Photography : Maxime Vm

Styling : Morgane Mathieu

Model : Nadja Settel


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