Right posture for knitting


Hi knitters!

You know we love knitting and we would spend hours with our knitting kits, creating new projects and cool garments made with chunky wool and Petite wool… But sometimes, our back and arms get tired. This is even worse if we don’t have the right posture when we knit.

The WAK team suggests some advice, so you can knit in a comfortable way, and you won’t hurt your back or sight.

1. Posture: Don’t knit if you are lying down or you have your back badly supported. If you want to knit in a bed or a soft sofa, use a cushion in your lumbar zone, so it won’t be damaged. Always knit in a straight posture, and the most important thing… relax your shoulders! You must find the best knitting method for you, so at We Are Knitters we will show you the two most known knitting methods: continental and English style. Try both and choose the best for you.

2.  Lighting:  you will need the right illumination when you knit, so you won’t damage your sight. Avoiding white lights and using a reading lamp as a support light with a warm tone will cause less tiredness. It’s very important when you work on very detailed work, you count stitches or for black wool works.

3.  Patterns: although our patterns are very easy to follow, sometimes you might get tired when you fix your eyes or you forget which line of the text you were reading… Use a lectern and a magnifying glass, so you won’t have to bend down all the time

4. Hands: take care of your hands! They’re your working tool for creating nice crafts. Hydrate them with cream. Before going to bed, exercise your wrist and fingers, so you they will keep young and agile. See more exercises for your hands here

We hope this advice helps you, so you can enjoy your knitting for a long time!

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