Learn to knit motifs with purl and knit stitches


Hi knitters!

Today we will learn how to create motifs using knit and purl stitches.

In order to knit these designs, it is necessary to make a drawing or a schematic of the stitches and then you will be able to knit any design that you have in mind.

It’s very simple to make the schematic of your stitches :

1. Choose a symbol to represent your knit stitches and another for your purl stitches. I am going to use ( X ) for knit stitches and ( __ ) for purl stitches.

2. Mark the number of stitches horizontally and the number of rows vertically.

3. When you have the measurements figured out, create your design within these margins.

4. We start by knitting the even rows and purling the odd rows.

We provide some examples here, knitted with different WAK yarns and needles.

We made this design by placing squares of 3 stitches wide by 3 stitches long together.

For this design we used 15mm/US size 19 WAK wooden needles and 100% Peruvian wool in Fuchsia.

In the second schematic, we made an arrow and we left space around the sides so that you can repeat it as many times as you want while knitting your WAK garment.

We used 8mm/US size 11 WAK wooden needles and 100% Peruvian wool in Moss green.

Here we made a heart – this design is a little more complicated, but you just have to pay a little more attention to your stitch schematic so that you don’t skip any steps. 😉

For this design we used a ball of 100% pima cotton in blue and 5mm/US size 8 wooden needles, considering that the schematic is very big and takes up a lot of space. Although it would also look really cool and unique in chunky wool… We are waiting to see your creations!! #weareknitters

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