NYC Marathon Diary : Week four


Hey there knitters (and runners)!

There are 7 weeks until the marathon, can you believe it? I can’t! I am getting more nervous and more excited with each week that goes by.

It seems like just yesterday I started my training, and I have really come so far. This week, I ran my longest run yet: 15 miles! I can tell I am getting closer to the final goal, but I know that 7 weeks is going to fly by.



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This week, I tried a new technique when I was running: I wrapped the yarn around my wrist like a bracelet instead of holding it under my arm. It was SO much more comfortable than holding the yarn (which I usually dropped at least once a run, and it would roll into the street, or the dirt…).



I just wrapped the yarn around my wrist until I had a huge pile of wool on my wrist and get out on my way! Since running a marathon while knitting is so unconventional, there really is no right way to do it, so I am always experimenting and trying new things to see what works best.

Another new style I tried this week while I was running and knitting was wrapping my knit piece around my waist while I ran, especially because it was so hot!

The longer I run, the more I knit, so after a while I run out of room on my arm to hold onto my knitting, so wrapping it around my waist is the new trick I am trying out. Maybe next time if it gets cold enough, I’ll just wear it as a scarf!

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how I should run and knit? I am always looking for suggestions and new ideas!

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