Wooly scarves collection by Laura Ponte


We present to you a very special collection of wooly scarves, created by the model and designer Laura Ponte, who, with her designs, generates assistance for those who need it most.

Laura Ponte

100% of the proceeds from these these kits will be donated to the NGO “Alliance for Solidarity” which directs projects for ecological cooking places in the region of Casamance (between Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau).

This project has not only improved the health of the families through the creation of cooking areas  that allow for faster cooking the food a lot faster, resulting in the women gaining more autonomy. In addition to this, it helps to curtail the alarming deforestation of the region. http://www.alianzaporlasolidaridad.org/noticias/como-una-cocina-ecologica-puede-cambiarte-la-vida

Cocinas ecológicas

Only a year ago, these women were cooking on three stones forming a triangle. Within this triangle they contained the firewood in the middle and the pots were placed on top of stones – in the traditional way of cooking throughout Africa. The rooms were filled with smoke, effecting the health and comfort of the women and children.

Today, more than two thousand women are using the new cooking areas created by the Alliance for Solidarity. In each living space, there is a big one for rice, sorghum and other grains and a smaller one for the sauces.

Cocinas ecológicas

By using this type of ecological cooking place, much less wood is wasted through the cooking process. A study conducted by the Fundación para el Fomento de la Innovación Industrial (Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation) of the polytecnical University of Madrid, found that the average amount of combustible was reduced by 43% and the times per week the women went to collect firewood was reduced by 61%.

The smaller quantities of smoke which accumulate in the rooms has lead to an improvement of health for the affected due to a reduction of particle emission damaging the lungs.

Cocinas ecológicas

Other benefits have been linked to the reduction of heat in the kitchen, including better tasting food, higher hygiene standards during preparation, reduced respiratory problems, and greater protection of the environment.

The Galician model, godmother and promoter of this project has designed 3 kits with woolen scarfs and a design of hands, which remind us that we can all help these communities and their women by contributing our little grain of sand.

Kits tejer lana Wak X Laura Ponte

Here you can see the whole collection designed by Laura Ponte and photographed by Pablo Zamora

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