Wool Blankets Collection: Cocooning Blankets


We thought that the cold wouldn’t arrive, that this year we could skip winter and leave the terrace door open on sunny afternoons.

But, we were wrong. The cold has arrived and it seems like it might be here to stay.

One thing that knitters love about cold weather is that they can wear their favorite stylish knits with pride, and of course, while staying toasty warm.

But one of the things we love the most is to stay at home, wrapped up in a cozy blanket, with a cup of something warm, and our newest knitting project, while the rain, snow or sleet continues outside.

For occasions such as this, we have created, The Wool Blankets Collection: Cocooning Blankets, designed in conjunction with Morgane Mathieu.

As explained by Wikipedia: “Cocooning is the name give for the tendency of the individual to socialize less and hide out at home, where they can gain strength. These individuals that follow this tendency find that they are protected from the danger that is kept outside.”

And knitters are very social people, but we do have the art of “Cocooning” deeply ingrained within our being. Our new collection is designed for this part of you, so that you and yours can stay cozy in your winter shelter.

Discover the collection here

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