Facebook emojis for knitters


Not long ago, Facebook added 5 new emojis so we can express more than “Like” to each post we see or read.

What they didn’t know in Silicon Valley is that we, with wool and needles in hand, were going to give new meaning to each of them and even to the typical “Like”.



This happens every time you go to We Are Knitters’ Facebook page and see new photos shared in the WAK Community.

What colors! What tranquility! What textures! You can almost smell the coffee on the table in the photo…

You like, and we like, the photos everyone uploads. Keep sharing!


The knitting kit you wanted is available again in your favorite color, and on sale!!!!

You couldn’t be happier. So don’t let it get away….


When you read a post from WAK and it sounds like something you could have written. The same thing happened to your project, or ball of wool. And you laugh and think: – “I thought that only happened to me. But no, there are lots of other knitters out there in the same situation”.

What a funny coincidence. What a relief to know you’re not alone.


When a New Collection from We Are Knitters is posted and you like every. single. one.

“Oh my God, I can’t choose just one!” is what you’re thinking while deciding how to accessorize each new design

*Warning: this can also happen with the new yarn colors or new materials. Watch out! 😉


Today was the day you finally decided to buy your favorite kit, in your favorite color, the one you’ve been dreaming about for months, you go to the We Are Knitters website, that you had bookmarked, and realize the color you wanted is out of stock….

NOOoooo!! Now you’ll have to wait a few more days to begin the knitting kit you’d been dreaming about. 🙁

It makes us really sad too, as much as you, and that’s why we work hard to restock our colors as soon as possible. 🙂


You just realize the discount code you saw expired 20 minutes ago and you didn’t get to use it because you logged on too late.

Arghhh, you can’t wait for the next discount code to get the kit from the latest collection that you wanted so badly!

*Tip: If you aren’t signed up to receive our Newsletter, you can subscribe here and we’ll give you a $12 discount on your first purchase and a Free Pattern. That way you’ll NEVER miss news, discounts and promotions.  🙂

Do you find them fitting? Can you identify with the new Emojis? Do you use them to add emphasis to your comments on Facebook, or still just use “Like”?

Tell us about your experiences and how, as a knitter, you use the new Emojis by leaving us a comment 🙂

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