Knitters Series: Santa Pazienzia


Estefanía González is Santa Pazienzia; knitter, designer, creator and expert blogger on the DIY world that we love so much.

In just a few short years, this self-taught crocheter has become a model to follow with regards to crochet and fabric yarn.

We met up with her today to ask about her tricks and advice! Read on to see what she said.

Want to know more? You can see all of her work on her Blog:  Santa Pazienzia and follow her creativity and beautiful photos via Instagram.

Santa Pazienzia

How long have you been crocheting and knitting?

I started to crochet about two years ago.

I knitted a scarf a few years ago, but never got the hang of it, and when I picked up my needles again a few months ago, I had to start from scratch.

How did you learn to crochet? Who taught you?

 I learned to crochet by watching videos online.

When I was little I made crochet chains with my mother and grandmother, but nothing more, so I stayed glued to the screen for hours until I got the hang of it.

To learn to knit I needed a little more help, so I went to a few classes to review the basics. Once I learned the essentials I started on the WAK knitting kits.

Santa Pazienzia

In three words, what does knitting mean to you?

Escape: When you’re concentrating on stitches and rows nothing else matters

Emotion: The sensation of seeing something you have in your head turn into something real that you love.

Relax: It’s true that knitting is the new Yoga, when you get into the dynamics of knitting it’s like a mantra.

Do you prefer to crochet for yourself or for others?

No doubt about it, for others. Actually, I rarely keep anything of the things I have made.

It’s true that when I design, I create things that I like and for me to wear, but when a friend shows up and asks me to make one for them, I wind up giving them mine. 🙂

Santa Pazienzia

Which is your favorite stitch?

In crochet, I love berry stitch and puff stitch, they have lots of texture and look beautiful, but I have to admit that with single crochet and single crochet worked through alternating loops you can do wonders.

As for knitting, I adore seed stitch. I discovered it in the Downtown Snood, a WAK knitting kit, and ever since then it’s my favorite.

Which is your favorite We Are Knitters kit?

I’ve made several WAK knitting kits, so it’s hard to decide, but the only one I’ve made more than once is the Martina Cardigan, it’s my weakness. I’d love to have one in every color.

I have to admit I struggled with the first one, but you know the harder something is to do the more you appreciate it.

Santa Pazienzia

Wool, petite wool, pima cotton, fabric yarn, merino or baby alpaca?

Well, it’s obvious that for me it’s fabric yarn, without it Santa Pazienzia wouldn’t exist.

But I have two other great loves. The wool yarn balls and very recently the pima cotton.

I was given a kit with this fabric and I was really surprised by how soft and yummy it is.

When is your favorite time of day to crochet?

I don’t have a set time to crochet, but maybe in the mornings when my mind is clear if I’m going to design new pieces.

I tried crocheting at night to wind down and fall asleep, but I got caught up in the “one more row” trap and wound up staying up until the middle of the night.

Santa Pazienzia

A knitting trick you want to share with knitters.

More than a trick a bit of advice; it’s better to undo your work rather than regret it every time you see that little mistake when you wear something you made.

Maybe nobody will notice, but you’ll know it’s there.

Some advice for someone who wants to start crocheting.

“Pazienzia”, nothing comes out right the first time it’s just a matter of practice, so don’t get frustrated if the first time you pick up a crochet hook it doesn’t come out like the photo, it didn’t for me either. 😉

Santa Pazienzia

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