How to crochet in a spiral




The crochet technique we are going to show you today is very useful for many crochet projects. Crocheting in a spiral or around a foundation chain can be used to make amigurumi, baby booties, the base of a bag…and it’s not at all difficult. Grab your crochet hook and your favorite yarn and start practicing!


What we are going to show in today’s post is the basic way to work around a base foundation to obtain an oval shape. Remember that depending upon the pattern you use the instructions may be different (you may have to increase or decrease the stitches in each round), but the way it is done is the same.


We’ll start by making a chain with as many stitches as indicated. For example, we’ll start with 4 chains.


Starting with the second chain from the hook, work 1 single chain into each of the next three stitches. You will have come to the end of the initial chain.




Now, work 2 single crochets into the last chain, in the same spot where we worked the single crochet in the previous step. In total, you will have worked 3 single crochets into one chain.




Rotate your work, the bottom of the foundation chain will be in front of the hook, and the stitches already worked on the bottom (which means that instead of turning your work as we usually do, what we do is continue to work into the other side of the foundation chain, DON’T TURN YOUR WORK).


Work a single crochet into each of the chains until you reach the beginning of the round.


Once you’ve reached the point where you worked the first single crochet, work 2 single crochets into the same space where you worked the first single crochet of the round.




And you’re done with the first round! If you look closely, all we have done is increase several stitches into the last stitch of the row and in the first stitch of the row, working the rest of the stitches as usual. This is how we achieve the oval shape. If you continue in the same way, increasing 2 stitches at each end, it will start to take on more of an oval shape.

As we said before, depending upon the final shape and the pattern, you may begin with more chains in your foundation chain, or increase more or less stitches at the beginning and end of each round, but it is worked the same way!
Did you know how to make a spiral in this way? Don’t forget to take a look at our crochet kits, with them you can practice this technique and many others. And when you are finished, show us your projects using the hashtag #weareknitters on social networks.

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