How to crochet a buttonhole



Crochet offers unmatched flexibility compared to other needle crafts. We can make all kinds of garments and accessories quickly and easily, adapting them as we go.  Today we are going to show you how to make buttonholes in your garments so you can add buttons with no problems. Take your crocheted jackets up a notch!

For our example we used Petite Wool in the color wine and a size 8 wooden crochet hook. You can use this technique with any stitch, although we used single crochet here, it is done the same for double crochet, half double crochet, etc.
The first thing we’ll do is crochet our piece as usual until we get to where we have to make a buttonhole, or where we want to make one.  In our example, we worked in single crochet and stopped at the point where we want to place our buttonhole.

Before beginning to work the buttonhole, we have to know the size of the button we are going to use. The buttonhole should always be a little bit smaller than the button itself, so that it doesn’t come unbuttoned.
Once we reach the spot where we want to make the buttonhole, we’ll chain as many chains as needed for the size of our button. In our example we chained 3.

We’ll skip the same number of stitches as the chains we made, and continue crocheting to the end of the row as usual. Since we chained 3, we skipped 3 stitches.

At the end of the row you should have something like this:

We turn our work and make the number of chains needed according to the stitch we are using, for single crochet we’ll chain 1 before starting the next row.

On the next row we work as usual as indicated in the pattern, and when we reach the point where we skipped 3 stitches in the previous row to form the buttonhole, we work over them as if they were regular stitches.

On the following rows we continue working as usual. By doing this you’ll see that the buttonhole has been formed in your garment, it can be any size you want, from 1 stitch, to 3 or more, depending upon the size of the button you will be using. Not hard at all!

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