Benefits of knitting in Health


Since some time ago, knitting is cool. Although it was exiled from urban hobbies, it has come back stronger than ever. Nowadays it’s not strange to see somebody knitting in the subway or a park.

But knitting it’s not just fashion or a funny hobby. It’s also a healthy trend. In fact, knitting brings some health benefits, especially for everybody who is part of this modern and stressful society.


Girls knitting


Firstly, knitting concentrates your mind in a single activity with simple repetitions. When we do this, we relax and forget daily worries. In fact, knitting is also known as “mental yoga”. It’s recommended to reduce stress.

When you knit, you have to control various factors. You have to calculate the necessary thread meters, rounds and stitches number… This means you have to apply basic maths. This stimulates the logical part of our brains. So, you keep it young thanks to this mental gym.

Knitting is a process that needs patience, perseverance and self-discipline. So, you can develop these appreciated qualities. And, of course, you stimulate your creativity, as all the handcrafts.


Manos tejiendo


Knitting even can increase your self esteem. The effort you made ends with a beautiful garment, which is unique and inimitable. And made by yourself! Is there something more satisfactory?

But it’s not just about psychological benefits. Recent studies demonstrate that knitting helps to reduce arterial pressure, strengthen immunological system and improve motor problems. Indeed, it’s very helpful to osteoarthritis patients.


Tejer da felicidad


No more excuses to start knitting!

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