We Are Knitters launchs crochet


After some rumours, finally we can confirm the main newness for this season:  crochet. We’ve always loved this technique, so now we can focus in another passion. Because life is not only knitting!

Daiquiri Snood Crochet


Crochet is another technique for working with wool and yarn, but the main difference is that you only use a needle. Moreover, it’s a very special needle, because it has a hook which allows you to create the effect you want. Crochet, as knitting, consists in pulling some loops through other loops. The difference is that only one stitch is active at one time.

crochet needle

We can interweave one or some threads of yarn as many times times we want. Using the hook, we can create a lot of exclusive and spectacular effects. If you love knitting but you want to try something new, crochet will be your new challenge!

With crochet, you can develop your creativity to make some original works.  You can crochet everything:  from home and decorative objects to clothes. In fact, We Are Knitters has launched crochet kits to create some original clothes, as mittens or extra large socks.

Mimosa Mittens

Mai Tai Socks


Enjoy crocheting!


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