How to knit the herringbone stitch


Hi knitters!

Today we show you a new kind of stitch… Herringbone stitch! A classic, elegant and very cool stitch. With the help of this new WE ARE KNITTERS videotutorial, you could use it in your next knitting kit.
At first, cast on a number of even stitches in one of your WAK wooden needles.
Row 1: Slip two stitches to the right needle and knit them. Take the first stitch out of the needle
Keep on knitting the row slipping the next two stitches to the right needle. But be careful, you have to slip the first stitch like if you pretend to purl it, and the second like if you pretend to knit it. Finish the row with a knitted stitch
Row 2: Purl two stitches together, and take out of the needle the first stitch. Follow the same steps than row 1. Finish the row with a purled stitch
We suggest to use a pair of thicker needles than the recommendable needles for the wool, because this stitch squeeze a lot the wool.
We hope this tutorial would be useful for wearing this new stitch pretty soon!
More videos, tutorials and free patterns… coming soon in WE ARE KNITTERS
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