Learn to crochet icord


Hi knitters!

Last week we showed you how to knit Icord with knitting needles; this week we are showing you how to knit an Icord rope with a crochet needle.

For a crocheted Icord we suggest that you make it with chunky yarn, considering that the result is quite beautiful and attractive, and you can make awesome accessories like bracelets, necklaces…. or whatever else your imagination comes up with. 😉

If the Icord with knitting needles seemed easy to you, this will be even easier to make… We leave you a step by step explanation here.

1. Decide on the thickness of your cord and cast on the necessary stitches to make it.

(We have cast on 3 stitches).

2. Insert your WAK crochet needle through the second stitch, picking up the working thread and slipping it through the stitch.

Do the same with the third stitch.

3. Now you have the base of your 3 stitch Icord rope on your WAK crochet needle.

4. Take the second and third stitches off your needle.

5. Crochet the two stitches that you have removed like you did in step 2.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, until you obtain the desired length for your cord.

Now you have your crocheted Icord rope!

Now, like always, let your imagination run free and create lovely accessories with your WAK needles and yarn!

For this post we used

A crochet hook and 100% Peruvian wool yarn in olive

Let us see your different creations on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters!

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