How to knit false English Rib


Hi knitters!

We are going to learn how to knit false English Rib. This technique is very similar to the Fishermans Rib but the stitches are closer to each other. The false English rib is easy and quick to knit, and offers a great result: lightness, elasticity and a very nice shape.

Let’s start knitting!

Start knitting one row in 1×1 Rib Stitch and then continue following these steps:

Row 1: After the row in Rib Stitch, continue knitting the stitches as they come. If the stitch is knitted, knit it and if the stitch is purled, purl it.

Row 2: Knit taking the yarn the same way as when you knit upside down and slip a stitch. Place the yarn again in the normal position to continue.

Repeat the scheme all over your WAK project and show us your false English Rib results on Instagram. Don’t forget using the hashtag #weareknitters.

For this post we have used 15mm beechwood needles and a fabric yarn ball in electric blue.

You can knit this technique with several types of yarn balls. Have a look on our website and choose fabric, cotton or wool 🙂

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