How to knit Loop Stitch with half-double crochet


Hi knitters!!

Today you are going to learn how to crochet a funny variation of loop Stitch using half-double crochet.

The main difference between single crochet and half double crochet is definitely visual; you will see more distance among all the loops. The drawing on the back of your garment will be different too.

Let’s remember how to do a half double crochet:

Wrap the thread around the crochet hook, stick the needle on the stitch, take a loop, wrap the thread on the crochet hook again and pass it through the three stitches that remain on the WAK crochet hook.

We need to crochet the same way as we usually do:

Start making loops with your finger, until you get the desired length. You can watch our loop stitch with crochet video tutorial. Once you have learned how to make it, you can use this technique also with half double crochet.

In these pics, you can check how to crochet your WAK garment step-by-step with loop stitch with half double crochet:

How to knit Loop Stitch with half-double crochet

Follow these steps to finish your WAK garment. As you may know, you can make loops with different measures, as you like it!

You will get bigger or smaller loops depending on which yarn balls you use. Take a look at our wool yarn balls and choose your favorite 😉

For this post, we have used a 15mm crochet needle and a wool yarn ball in bubblegum.

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