How to knit twisted Rib Stitch


Hello knitters!!

There are a lot of different ways to knit Rib Stitch on your WAK projects. It is very useful in order to be able to knit the collar, beanies and cuffs. It’s a great technique because your garment will be more elastic.

The elasticity of this technique depends on how you knit but today, we want to show you the twisted rib stitch. This type of elastic stitch offers less gathered garments and more delicate results. As other rib stitch techniques, we need to knit one stitch and purl the next stitch but we are going to twist the stitches, taking the stitch from behind to the front.

Let’s start the stitches!

Twisted knitted stitches

Twisted purled stitches

We have done a 2×2 twisted Rib Stitch

Row 1 and all the odd rows: purl 2 normal stitches and knit 2 twisted stitches (take the thread from behind the stitch and not from the front).

Row 2 and all the even rows: knit 2 normal stitches and purl 2 twisted stitches.

As you maybe already know, when combining Rib Stitch (twisted or not) you always need to follow: 1×2, 2×3, 1×1, 2×1…

For this post we have used a 100% Peruvian petite wool yarn in Klein blue and  8mm beechwood needles.

Have a look on our wool catalogue and choose your color and yarn online 🙂

Don’t forget to share your pics with us on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters.

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