How to knit the double garter stitch


The double garter stitch is a variation of the garter stitch even though as you can see it has a very different finish than its easier little brother. The best thing about this stitch is that it is easily and rapidly done using the same technique as the normal knitted stitch. So you only have to know how to knit stitches!

Ready to try it? Follow the instructions in the video:


Cast on any number of stitches. This stitch is reversible.

Row 1 (preparatory row): knit all stitches in the normal fashion, but always wrap the thread twice around the needle before you pull the stitch off the needle.

Row 2: knit 1 stitch, letting only the first thread slip off the needle, *knit the second thread together with the first of the following stitch, wrapping it twice around the needle*, repeat from * to * until you have completed the row.

Repeat the second row until you have reached the desired length.

If you want to try out new stitches this is an excellent one to start with. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to never let the second thread slip off the needle so that you can knit it together with the thread of the next stitch. You can use this stitch for a lot of different things: scarves, blankets for babies… just try it out and then share your projects with us on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters! Get creative, we can’t wait to see them 🙂

We used the cotton in orange and 5mm wooden knitting needles. Choose your colors and let’s knit!


    1. Hi Lisa!

      You can cast off the stitches by knitting 2 stitches together and then passing over the stitch, as if you were doing a SK2PO.

      Hope that helps!

      -Francesca and the WAK team

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