How to crochet the bullion stitch


The crochet stitch that we are going to show you today is a little different. Its texture is a little similar to a stitch with bobbles but denser (that is why it is perfect to crochet blankets for babies). To crochet this stitch we will need another tool, so apart from the crochet hook and the yarn we need to prepare another crochet hook or knitting needle. Try to find something that has a similar size to the crochet hook because that will make everything a lot easier.

Ready to try out the bullion stitch?


To crochet this stitch you can cast on any number of stitches. It is not reversible.

In the example we have crocheted the bullion stitch on top of rows we crocheted in single crochet before but you can also use rows in double crochet if you prefer that. Once you are done crocheting these rows in single or double crochet, follow these instructions:

Row 1: *place the knitting needle on top of the crochet hook. After that, circle the thread around the needle and the crochet hook seven times in total. Without letting the thread slip off both, insert the crochet hook into the next stitch, circle the thread around it again and pull it out. Circle the thread around it again and then pull the crochet hook very carefully out of all the threads that were placed around it and around the needle. You will then have just one stitch on the crochet hook.* Repeat from * to * until the end of the row and then crochet a chain. Turn the project around.

Repeat this row as many times as you want to create the bullion stitch. You can crochet a number of similar rows or mix them with rows in single crochet.

As you can see this stitch forms little bobbles that are very close together. Depending on the material the project will be heavier or lighter.

Ready to start? What color will you choose? We used the cotton in natural and a 5MM crochet hook. Share your results with the hashtag #weareknitters!

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